Not Just Bottles & Cans Anymore

While the Orange County Conservation Corps (OCCC) has done much recycling in the community for 16 years, it has found a new way to help Orange County spring clean and also go green.  The recycling program has expanded to provide free e-waste pick-ups for local businesses and organizations.

When companies call for a pick-up, a crew of corpsmembers will collect the e-waste, such as computers, televisions, monitors and laptops, and bring it back to corps facilities.  All paperwork will be done at the time of pick-up, and the materials will be stacked in large bins.  When enough has been collected, our e-Waste Processor, e-Recycling of California, will collect, transport and recycle it appropriately.

Not only does this benefit the environment by properly disposing of hazardous waste and reclaiming useful parts, this e-waste recycling is also socially ethical.  E-Recycling of California has its e-Steward certification, meaning it holds to the highest standards in the industry concerning the environment and social justice.  Some e-waste recycling programs ship materials to developing countries where the waste sits in landfills, gets processed in ways unsafe for workers or gets incinerated, releasing dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.  E-Stewards-certified organizations handle the waste on-site and make sure all materials are dealt with in a responsible manner.

E-waste recycling will also have a big impact on corpsmembers.  A growing number of pick-ups will increase the number of job-training opportunities for local disadvantaged youth.  The Corps’ Recycling Manager, George Patino, says he hopes to have enough pick-up requests to create a crew of three to four corpsmembers dedicated entirely to e-waste recycling.  With enough interest, the Corps may sponsor a continuous drop-off point for the general public in the future.

For more information about the OCCC recycling programs or to arrange a pick-up for your company, please contact George Patino at (888) 641-2677 ext. 220. Please be prepared to briefly describe the material to be picked up.

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