More Worksite Success

Edgar Bravo was only the beginning. Last month, we announced that Goodwill Industries offered Bravo a position, but now, 17 more corpsmembers have been hired by worksites. Most corpsmembers started working there through the OCCC’s worksite program, but a few worksites have hired corpsmembers directly, taking a big risk for a good cause.

In November, Corps-to-Career Specialist Susan Soria began a mission to recruit companies and organizations as worksites where corpsmembers could obtain real-world work experience. Goodwill Industries, Costco and Burlington Coat Factory quickly joined the ranks along the pre-existing worksites, Habitat for Humanity. Now the OCCC has 11 worksites in the program, providing job training for over 45 corpsmembers.

Karina Carrillo was hired by Burlington Coat Factory after utilizing our worksite program. Several worksite companies have gone to an even higher level, interviewing and directly hiring corpsmembers not grant eligible to train at a worksite. Goodwill Industries hired three corpsmembers last month on faith that the OCCC has more participants of the same caliber as the 13 corpsmembers Goodwill has hired through the worksite program so far.

In the future, Soria says she hopes to have worksites across all industries, so that corpsmembers can get a wide range of experience. Within the next year, she would like to set up an advisory board made up of people from the worksites as well as a variety of professionals in order to receive input on how to improve the worksite program, what to expect in different fields for future job trends and how corpsmembers can become better employees.

Programs like this take a lot of time and support to develop, and the OCCC would love your help. If you know of any companies that might be interested in partnering with our worksite program or if you would be interested in joining the advisory board, please contact Susan Soria at 714-956-6222 ext. 233 or email her at ssoria (at)  Soria also regularly organizes workshops for corpsmembers on a variety of topics, including life skills, work readiness, and health and wellbeing, so if you would be willing to facilitate a workshop, please contact her as well.

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