Spotlight on a Worksite: 2-1-1 Orange County

The OCCC’s Irvine buy back center isn’t the only facet of this organization that is giving back. 2-1-1 Orange County has given two corpsmembers the opportunity to aid others. As the organization puts it, “2-1-1 is to health and human services what 9-1-1 is to emergency services.” People who need food, shelter, baby supplies or other services can dial 2-1-1 and talk to trained specialists who will connect them with local organizations that can help. Thanks to the efforts of Kim Doan, 2-1-1’s Communications and Marketing Manager, on December 5, corpsmembers Vanessa Delgado and Angela Cipriano started learning how to research organizations, maintain the database, answer calls, assess needs and make recommendations. Though corpsmembers have worked with children at GOALS, a local nonprofit after-school-type program, Corps-to-Career Specialist Susan Soria says this is the “first type of position where they’re providing help to people in the community.”

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