Corpsmembers in Sacramento

Six OCCC corpsmembers got a special opportunity, along with corpsmembers from all over California, to travel to Sacramento for the annual Government Education Day on March 7. They took a tour of the capitol, talked with senators and participated in hands-on activities to experience the government at work. At one point, they were given a hypothetical $100 million budget to divide between healthcare, law enforcement, education and conservation corps. Not an easy task, as corpsmember Cynthia Bahena discovered. She said she understands better now how much pressure legislators are under and that budgets “affect everyone.”

This trip opened up these corpsmembers to new experiences: gave them a bigger picture of how the government operates, allowed them to be heard by people in power. They got to tell legislators about themselves, their goals and dreams for the future, their experience at the OCCC and what the OCCC means to them. Some of the corpsmembers had never flown before, including Darryl Bell, who said he remained calm and even comforted another corpsmember on the flight. As for the trip on the whole, Bell said, “I learned that these Conservation Corps programs are very serious and very beneficial to our youth….I learned that the Conservation Corps, we’re very respected and we are very important to California.”

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