Meet the Future Dr. Ledesma

Corpsmember Bryan Ledesma wants to heal broken hearts – literally. As chemistry student of the year at Vanguard University, he is off to a great start in fulfilling his goal of becoming a heart surgeon.

Though he had already finished high school, Ledesma came to the OCCC because he had difficulty finding work. Ledesma says people were not hiring 18-year-olds with no experience. After joining the program, he quickly transferred to one of the OCCC’s worksites, Goodwill Industries. He has worked there for eight months, under the supervision of former OCCC corpsmember Daniel Gonzalez, and will become a permanent Goodwill employee in July.

His position at Goodwill provides much-needed income as he becomes the first in his family to attend a four-year university. Ledesma will take his MCAT next year, about which he said he is “confident” but admitted to being “a little nervous.” He hopes to attend medical school at Harvard.

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