Men’s Career Success Workshops

October usually provides the chance to dress up and become something else, but for six of our corpsmembers, it brought the opportunity to dress up and discover themselves. These young men participated in six weeks of Men’s Career Success workshops through Working Wardrobes, followed by the program’s 16th annual graduation event at Los Amigos High School on October 7.
Men's Career Day
OCCC corpsmembers have taken part in this annual class for a number of years, and it has always impacted the participants in an important way, but this year the group grew especially close. Veteran Working Wardrobes instructors Patricia Kishi and LynnMarie Cooper, who led the workshops for the OCCC, felt they connected well with this group of young men. Judging by the reception of the participants, they agreed. Placement and Recruitment Specialist Susan Soria said they were surprised by how much the instructors encouraged them to reach for their goals and taught them about their strengths.
 Men's Career Day -2
The workshops and graduation were about much more than getting interview outfits and massages: they spent time encouraging each other, boosting their self-esteem and becoming closer as a group. “They discovered things about themselves,” Soria said. “They were encouraged to go for their dreams.”

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