Veterans Inspire Dreams

VeteransCorpsmembers (middle row, left to right) Andrew Aguirre, Michael Ramirez, Jordan Ramirez, (front row) Marlene Villegas Gonzalez, Julian Gonzalez and (not pictured) Myriah Vasquez met Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (front row, center) and many supportive veterans.

Veterans continue to be an inspiration at home. Six of our corpsmembers volunteered at the Veterans Day Flag Raising Ceremony and Job Fair in Santa Ana on November 8 and were honored to meet many service men and women, as well as Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Mayor Miguel Pulido of Santa Ana.

Our corpsmembers helped set up for the event, control traffic and clean up afterwards, which kept them pretty busy throughout the day. Still, they had time to explore the booths and meet employers, exposing them to possibilities they might not have otherwise known about. They got a much better idea of what options there are specifically for veterans.

As far as their experience with the veterans attending the event: “They were amazed that there were so many people giving them support,” said Program Specialist Ralph Jimenez. As corpsmembers thanked veterans for their service, the veterans encouraged the corpsmembers to continue their education and be loyal to themselves and their country. By the end of the day, veterans sought out corpsmembers to see if they had any more questions.

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