Conservation Corps to Marine Corps

Angel Amaro

As of last month, corpsmember Angel Amaro exchanged one Corps for another: the Conservation Corps for the Marine Corps.

He joined the OCCC work experience program in June 2011 after spending about a month at our charter school. He earned his diploma shortly thereafter. While in our program, he also became certified in First Aid/CPR and Chainsaw Operation. He helped restore Caspers Wilderness Park with our National Emergency Grant crew (pictured above), which he said was one of his favorite OCCC experiences. Since then, he has been working in our recycling program. Because of his experience at the OCCC, he said, “I know how to work with people more and how to work with superiors.”

These are important skills, since he wants to pursue a career in the Marines. He wants to enlist because of a “sense of duty,” he said. “With everything going on in the world right now, we need someone to step up. I felt I should do my part.” As for why he chose the Marines: “They’re the best.”

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