Hire a Crew

Hire a Crew


The Orange County Conservation Corps is seeking additional partnerships with private industry to augment its relationships with cities in the County of Orange as well as the County itself.

You can help support our mission!

You can do so by funding a project in part or in whole; thereby providing employment and educational opportunities to the young men and women who are most in need of our organization.  Help us perform any of the various conservation and environmentally related services that the Corps offers.

These services include:

  • Restoration of wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Beverage container recycling.
  • Fuel load reduction and reforestation.
  • Urban tree planting and environment enhancement.
  • Transportation enhancement and other infrastructure projects.
  • Construction and maintenance of park facilities.
  • Disaster cleanup for such events as wildfires and floods.

The results of your support to perform these projects will yield an immediate financial benefit to the community in the following form of economic stimulus:

  • Reduced expenses associated with criminal activity/drug use.
  • Reduction of reliance upon other social services.

Please contact us to develop an opportunity for these motivated and environmentally conscious young men and women to “learn” a living and green the future.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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