What We Do

The Orange County Conservation Corps (OCCC) serves young, at-risk adults through employment, training and educational programs that build self-sufficiency and benefit the community through conservation-related projects.

The OCCC’s approach to employability begins with teamwork and cooperation. Through environmentally-based work projects, the OCCC creates an atmosphere where corpsmembers have the opportunity to develop on an educational, professional and personal level.

EARN . . .

What we do 1Since 1993, the OCCC has provided paid job training programs to more than 4,500 corpsmembers that instill a strong work ethic, while providing the necessary experience and job skills to ensure that they will become successful candidates in the workforce. Specialized training and certification programs include chainsaw and forklift operation as well as CPR and customer service.

Preparing corpsmembers for life after the Corps is an essential component of our training program. The OCCC promotes self-sufficiency by developing leadership skills & financial literacy.

LEARN . . .

LearnThe OCCC has had an on-site charter school since 2002. Since its opening, more than 600 students have achieved their high school diplomas. Through the AmeriCorps scholarship program, over $1,000,000 has been awarded in scholarship funds for school participants.

Our Corps-to-Career Specialist assists our students in the transition from the corps to their future goals. By introducing participants to opportunities such as local college, trade school and ROP programs, corpsmembers are exposed to a broader vision of what they can become. Students learn resume writing, interviewing skills and a professional demeanor, so that they are better prepared for the workforce. Each corpsmember develops a plan for their future when they leave the OCCC.

SERVE . . .

ServeThe OCCC has recycled more than 8.6 million pounds of materials and has helped divert more than 4.8 million pounds of recyclables from our local landfills. Each year, we participate in a variety of public educational events that promote recycling and protecting our land and water resources.

The Corps has completed many community work projects to maintain and improve local parks, beaches, rivers, streams, recreational trails, city and county facilities and local playgrounds.

The Corps has also completed work projects to prevent flooding and fires, cleaned up after natural disasters and fires and weatherized low-income homes.

Corpsmembers learn to give back to their community by volunteering with charitable organizations throughout Orange County, such as food banks and Toys for Tots. Volunteering empowers corpsmembers to help others and positively affect our community.